I found my way onto my mat at the beginning of my career as a family physician, seeking a method of self care and burnout prevention.

My practice gave me a sense of inner peace, calm and clarity in my purpose.

What I gained through yoga and meditation was so much more.

It taught me who I was, what I was passionate about and how I wanted to live my life each day. Navigating from within, moment to moment.

During my medical career I saw again and again that living well and living happy requires a foundation of both emotional and physical wellbeing.

My greatest patient success stories came from were those who were willing to embrace their mind-body connection and use it to transform their lives.

In teaching these tools, I witnessed people living their same lives outwardly but experiencing them totally differently inside.

I was hooked, and Ke'ala Living was born.

I believe there are many ways to create the life you want to live, and I can only offer the things that worked for me. My practice is influenced by humanistic psychology (trauma informed mindfulness + sensorimotor psychology, emotion-focused therapy, interpersonal neurobiology); eastern philosophy (Vedanta, Tantric Yoga in the lineage of Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Mahayana Buddhism) and energy medicine (the work of Janet Amare & Barbara Brennan).

If my story sparks something inside you, you can find me HERE


“Learning mindfulness with Jackie has fully changed my attitude towards myself.” My inner-critic who told me that I wasn’t ever going to be “enough” at anything is gone. I hope she never comes back (which is why I continue to practice). Through this course I’ve learned to like myself… maybe even love myself (which is HUGE!). My relationship with others has improved, too. I am more patient and focused – listening to hear what they’re saying, rather than listening to form my response. I am more open with my emotions, too. This course has been truly life-changing and I can’t thank you enough. I feel like I’m finally living & I love it! – MBSR Participant

“Taking the MBSR course with Jackie was a transformational experience!” As a committed meditator, I was looking forward to learning more about the science of mindfulness and adding new tools and techniques to my daily practice – what I got was a whole lot more than I could’ve imagined. Taking this course online during the COVID-19 pandemic  certainly helped me deal with the emotional rollercoaster that came with it – and connected me to a supportive community that I looked forward to seeing each week.
The biggest shift was learning to accept myself and acknowledge whatever is going on inside me in each moment – physically, mentally and emotionally – with love and compassion. The biggest “measurable” difference is the (noticeably less) amount of time it now takes me to process/experience challenging/negative/difficult emotions – especially anger (I am no longer fuming for days after my partner forgets to take the garbage out)!
As a recovering perfectionist who loves planning ahead and having control, I am so much more at ease managing whatever unexpected situations (and emotions) that pop up at any moment. I’m excited by my newfound knowledge and am confident that my lived experiences with mindfulness are having a lasting effect.
Whatever brought you here, I’d recommend listening to that inner call and sign up for this course – it’ll be more than you can imagine – and it will change your life for the better. – Amanda T.