K e ' a l a L i v i n g . Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga

Hi, I’m Jackie…

My greatest desire is to be a sign post on your journey of discovery & transformation. Whether you are seeking relief from stress, depression, anxiety or looking to make a change in the way you are living, the knowledge and guidance you need to experience the life you want to live lies within you. My role is to offer a pathway of tools & practices to help you to get there 

…and return yourself to you.

I invite you to come along and begin your journey.


  • Mindfulness Meditation
    • OHIP Covered Group Therapy (with referral by family doctor)
      • 9 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program
  • Yoga & Mindful Movement
    • Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Somatics + Qi Gong
  • Sound Bath
    • Monthly Crystal Singing Bowl Immersions / Private sessions available
  • Retreats – Silent Retreats, Day Retreats, Weekend + Week-long Immersions
  • Yoga Education – Trauma-Informed Teaching, Meditation + Somatic Awareness

A Note on Coverage

I am a licensed MD, however not all of my services are covered under the OHIP plan. Coverage is dictated by OHIP (not me!). Yoga and workshops are private pay because the content and/or format of the sessions are not considered “approved services” by OHIP. Generally speaking, mindfulness groups are covered if you are referred by your family physician.

My Story

Ke’ala Living is the shared exploration of my personal quest to embody, understand and share: How/where/what is healing?

The “technology/modality” I use & role I play is ever-evolving and morphing in response to the humans I meet and the people who choose to work together…

Ke'ala is the word for 'the pathway' in the Hawaiian language