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Mindfulness Meditation

OHIP Covered Group Therapy in Burlington / Waterdown

  • with referral by family doctor
  • 8-week psycho-educational group meditation program
      • 8 x 3 hour sessions weekly with additional 5.5 hour “retreat day”
    • OHIP covered with referral by family doctor
      • Note: Exceptions may be made due to COVID-19
    • For more information & the registration process, please click HERE
    NEXT SESSION BEGINS September 2024

    • If you are interested in participating, kindly send an email to 


    Fridays every month from 7:00 – 8:30 PM
    In-studio at The Yogashala Wellness Centre 

    • Welcome to your Sanctuary. Join Laura Stefankiewicz and Jackie Ang for this monthly journey to creating healing and balance through movement, meditation and sound bath.
    • Come enjoy a soothing yoga practice with Reiki, guided meditation and extended savasana, all accompanied by the sounds of the crystal singing bowls. Give yourself a Friday evening, once a month to relax and reconnect with your centre. Retreat from the world and come home to you.
    • This class is open to all experience levels.
    • Cost: $33 

Education / Trainings

  • Sensory Awareness + Yoga –> The Missing Link for Trauma
    Offered with Barb Leese & Yogashala Wellness Centre

    Saturday Nov 23 + Sunday Nov 24 from 12:00 – 6:00 pm  // in-studio + live online
    • Learn how and why yoga and sensory awareness are powerful tools to heal, support and resolve the effects of stress and trauma. Discover a trauma-informed approach to yoga that promotes healing, fosters agency and empowers you and others you are supporting.

    • In this training you will:

      • Understand the science of trauma and how it impacts all human beings through the effects it has on our body, mind and nervous system.

      • Understand the benefits of yoga through the lens of contemporary neuroscience and psychotherapy

      • Experience body-based tools from yoga and somatic therapy to support the effects of stress on the nervous system

      • Learn how to embody a trauma-informed approach in your practice and teaching

    • Format: This is an interactive workshop combining education and experiential practices. We will explore a range of techniques including yoga, breathwork, meditation, somatics and self-inquiry.

    • Who Is This Training For?

      • We believe this training is relevant for any human being who experiences stress while navigating the ups and downs of life. Trauma is not an event, but a lasting response of the nervous system when we face an experience that overwhelms us.
      • Whatever your role – yoga practitioner, instructor, clinician, parent, friend or otherwise, this workshop will offer you a foundational understanding of how the trauma response shapes us and our life experience. As we begin to understand and identify the effects of traumatic stress on our own being, we become better able to support ourselves and others dealing with the impact of stress on our lives. 
      • This workshop is Part 1 of a trauma-informed yoga teaching certification, but this module is geared towards all audiences, with a focus on the self-awareness required to facilitate trauma-informed practices. Continuing Education Credits are available for Yoga Alliance registered teachers. 
        To register, visit Yogashala Wellness Centre


  • July 20-25, 2025 –> RESTORATIVE RHYTHMS RETREAT/IMMERSION at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Costa Rica – register here
    • SANCTUARY DAY RETREAT: Dec 1, 2024 at Yogashala Wellness Centre
    • SILENT WEEKEND RETREAT IMMERSIONS: Jan & Oct 2025 –> email for details/save the dates
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